Studio Space Rentals

​On-sight studio space rental for clay hand-building is available with the requirement of a reservation at least one week prior to use.
  • $5.00 per hour.
  • $1.00 per pound of clay kept for project.
  • basic instruction and guidance.

  • Once you are given basic instructions your project will be completed on your own. Staff is available for questions and guidance but we do not provide step by step instruction.

  • Use of studio tools and supplies.
  • Glazing and firing as listed below under Kiln Rental.
  • Glazing/firing will have to be done during a second visit after your piece(s) have gone through a bisque-firing. 

  • Firing and finishing of projects can take up to 4 weeks, so if you are looking for gift projects, please plan accordingly!

  • Allow yourself about 1 hour for creating, and 1 hour for painting.​​

Pottery Wheel Rentals

On-sight wheel rental is available to those who have had prior experience with wheel throwing. A reservation is required at least one week prior to use.
  • $5 per hour + $1/pound for clay.
  • Use our tools or bring your own.
  •        You must purchase clay in our studio for use on the wheel 
  •        Please note, we require you to have a wheel consultation (takes about 10-15 minutes prior to allowing you to use our wheel.) The consultation will be with our wheel instructor and it will be a mini test just to make sure you remember the steps for throwing on the wheel. If it's been more than 3 years since you have used a wheel we suggest taking a 2-hour beginner's class prior to considering renting wheel time. 

Kiln Rentals

  • $35 per kiln firing or $5.00 per square foot of kiln space (typically 2 firings).  This price includes glazing. 

  • Clay must be purchased from Carter's Place Art Center.

  • Use of kiln shelves, stands, and stilts are included in the price. 

  • If you fail to clean the glaze off the edges of your piece and/or fail to apply wax on the bottom of pieces causing the glaze to run onto a shelf (or any other equipment) and ruin it, you are responsible for replacing the equipment at your own cost. 

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